How Do I Reset My Password?


If you forget your native Clearlogin administration account password, you can follow this procedure to reset it.


To reset your password you must first execute the following steps.

1. Set a security question and answer.

To set a security question and answer, go to your user settings page and fill out the apropriate section of the form. To find your user settings, log into and click the "Edit My Profile" link in the drop down menu in the upper right corner of the top navigation bar.

Once there, fill out a custom security question and answer with confirmation, and click Update Security Question.


2. Enable account recovery and provide an alternate email address.

From the same settings page as step 1, check the account recovery box, and fill out an alternate email address. This is were the password reset information will be sent. Click Update Alternate Email Address. A verification email will be sent to the new address. Open the link in the email while logged into the Clearlogin administration panel to verify the new address.


Reset Procedure

Navigate to Enter the primary email of your account and the alternate email you configured in the prerequisites. An email containing a link to reset your password will be sent to the alternate email address.

Open the link in the email and fill out the password reset form. The password reset form consists of your primary account email address, the answer to your security question, and the new password you would like to set, with confirmation.


You can also reference the video below to see the forgot password process in action:

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