Account Recovery Enrollment


Account Recovery allows users to change their password should they have forgotten it. It requires a verified phone number to send an SMS token to during the reset process.

To enable this feature, be sure to have "Password Reset" enabled in your basic settings at


To enroll in this process the user must first log in, and then access their settings. This can be found on their Dashboard by clicking the gear icon, or clicking their avatar and selecting settings in the dropdown menu.

Note: if you have the dashboard disabled, users can still navigate to their settings directly, or by the same dropdown menu which will be visible at after logging in.


Once in the settings, the user needs to first select Security Question to create a security question and answer pair.

After setting a security question and answer, the user will then select Account Recover and verify their SMS capable phone number.

After entering their phone number and clicking validate, the user will then receive an SMS message containing a one time use confirmation code to validate their number.

After successfully entering their confirmation code, the user will be able to reset their password should they forget it.


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