AutoIT Scripting and Clearlogin Directory


Clearlogin Directory CSV uploads currently supports G Suite Directory Sync template. You can find more info at:

The first thing you will need is to get the .au3 AutoIt script at:

Next you will need to setup the script with the proper directories and variables:


$fileDir is the location that your CSV files exist. $logFile is the file where output will be logged.

$apiKey is your api key found at

second $identitySource is the id of your identity source found on the info page of your directory third

The options for upload relate directly to the options on the CSV upload page in the Clearlogin admin console. They should be set to the string '1' for true and '0' for false

$destroyUsers  if true will destroy any people not found in the new CSV.

$destroyAttributes if true will rewrite over any old attributes and delete attributes not found in the CSV when updating a person if false it will only rewrite existing attributes.

$requirePasswordReset if true will require newly created people to change their passwords on next login

If destroyAttributes is true, then existing people will require password changes as well. $lockUsers if true this to lock newly created people's accounts

If destroyAttributes is true, then existing people will be locked as well.

After configuring those variables you can hook your AutoIt script into any triggers you would like, you are all setup! Happy Uploading!

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