Slack SSO Setup


To create a Slack App Connection in Clearlogin just follow these steps. (Reminder: To use any App Connection in Clearlogin you must first configure an Identity Source, typically an LDAP Server or G Suite.)

  1. Log into and select Apps on the navigation bar.


  2. On the Manage App Connections Page, scroll down and click on New App Connection.

  3. Select Slack from the App Supermarket.

  4. Enter Your Slack Domain which would be where MY_DOMAIN is replaced with your domain in Slack.

    Select the access tags you would like to use for the connection and click Save Slack App.


  5. You can find the information you will need to post to Slack in the right hand sidebar of the newly created link app.


  6. Copy the corresponding fields from Clearlogin into Slack and click Save Configuration.

  7. Slack will preform a test authentication to confirm the authentication is setup successfully.

  8. You are all set to use Slack Single Sign On with Clearlogin!

Slack's full documentation for SAML Providers can be found at

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