Resetting a Clearlogin Directory User's Password


Sometimes a user may forget their password.  It happens to all of us.

Should a user require your assistance with resetting their password, do the following:

  1. Log into and on the left sidebar, select Clearlogin Directory.

  2. Find the user either by searching through the alphabetized list, or by using the search bar located near the top of the page, and then click on the blue edit user button on the right.

  3. Once you're on the user's page, check the password_reset_required checkbox and then click on the green button that says Save.

  4. After clicking on the green save button you will be brought back to the People list page.

    Congratulations, you have successfully sent a password reset request to your user!

    Your user should be receiving an e-mail shortly with instructions on how to reset their password.
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