Custom SAML App Connections


Custom SAML App Connections are a way for you to configure web apps that support Federated Login via SAML for authentication via Clearlogin.

To create a Custom SAML App Connection in Clearlogin, follow these steps:

  1. Log into and select Apps on the navigation bar.


  2. On the Manage App Connections Page, scroll down and click on New App Connection.


  3. You will be presented with the App Marketplace, under Custom Connections select SAML.


  4. You will be brought to the New SAML App page.

    Under Display Name, fill out the name of the app that you are adding.

    For Icon, usually you want to add a picture of the app's logo by clicking on the Choose File button and then selecting it from within your file system.

    There are three different types of URLs that will need to be entered:

    App URL is a URL that will generate a SAML request or a URL that requires authentication (such as where you would end up after successfully logging into the app).

    Login URL is an ACS URL (Assertion Consumption Service) or where a SAML response gets submitted to.

    Logout URL is an SLO URL (Single Logout) or where you end up after successfully logging out of the app.

    If you don't have this information, don't worry; either the app's documentation or support team should be able to provide you with it.

    Accepted Access Tags is where you select the users that you want to have access to this app via their Access Tags.  If you do not add any Access Tags, then all users will have access to the app.

    Make sure that the checkbox that says Enabled? is checked, unless you do not want anyone to access this app immediately.

    When you're done, click on the green button that says Save SAML App at the bottom of the page.

  5. Once you have clicked on the Save button, you will be brought to a summary page.


    From here you may use any of the yellow, blue, or green buttons near the bottom of the page in order to generate the data that you need based on your app's integration requirements.

  6. In order to verify that the app was created, navigate to the Manage App Connections page by selecting Apps and then clicking on Manage on the navigation bar.

    You should see your newly-created app in the list.

    Congratulations, you have successfully added a new app via SAML!

    For more information on SAML App Connections, please see the SAML App Connections Advanced article.

    Engineer's Note:  Each app will have it's own way of establishing a SAML connection, usually it's one of the three listed above.  If not, please contact us at for assistance with custom SAML connections.
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