What are Access Tags?


Access Tags are identifiers that get attached to a user's profile every time they log in to Clearlogin.  Access Tags aggregate users together based on which Identity Source (IDS) the user belongs to, and which Access Rules apply to them.

Access Tags are used to define which users can access which applications.

A user can identify which Access Tags apply to them based on their Wristband, which can be viewed by clicking on their avatar picture on the top right-hand corner of their dashboard.

The access tags themselves have the same name as their source.

For example, this is my IDS:

And these are my Access Rules:

The name of an Access Tag that is related to an IDS is set by the administrator in the Access Tag field in the IDS' configuration page, but the name of an Access Tag that's associated with an Access Rule is the same as the name of the Access Rule.

When you edit the Accepted Access Tags field of an app, you will be presented with a list of all currently available access tags:

You may either click on each Access Tag that you want to add, or type them in manually and denote them with either commas or the enter key.

All users related to an Access Tag will gain rights to that app once their tag has been added.  You can add as many Access Tags as you want to this field.

Any app without any defined Access Tags will be accessible by all users.

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