Clearlogin Directory Groups


Groups are a default attribute that every user has in their profile in Clearlogin Directory (CLD).

Groups may be used the exact same way that you would use a Clearlogin Directory Search Filter, specifically a List, as described under part B of section 3 in the CLD Filters documentation.

From the CLD Filter documentation:

"B. The blue button that says List will allow you to define one CLD Attribute Name and multiple CLD Attribute Values.

Spaces are allowed in CLD Attribute Values (as well as in CLD Attribute Names), so in order to denote multiple CLD Attribute Values, typing a comma or pressing enter after each one is easiest.  You can also click on the CLD Attribute Value as it populates beneath the text box.

Once you are done, click on the green button that says Save, you will be brought back to a summary page of your person.


In the case of groups, "groups" would be the CLD Attribute Name, and the CLD Attribute Value would be of course what you define it as.

So, if we were to apply a group to a CLD Filter in an Access Rule under Who?, it would look like this:

Just like with any other CLD Search Filter, you will have to create a new entry for each group entry:

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