Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be added to your Clearlogin account by navigating to your admin dashboard ( and clicking on Security and then selecting Multi-Factory Auth from the navigation bar.

Note:  MFA for Clearlogin administrators is only provided by Clearlogin.  How to set up and configure this is explain in this article.

From the proceeding screen you will be able to either modify your current MFA provider's settings (if you already have an MFA provider configured), or add a new MFA provider by selecting New MFA Provider.

Note:  If this is your first time adding MFA to your Clearlogin account, the proceeding screen will look like the below instead.  This is a prompt to select your first MFA provider.

Clearlogin offers it's own MFA (Clearlogin MFA), but also supports Duo and Authy (although we have since recently deprecated Authy support and do not recommend it).

Guardian MFA is only for specific use-cases and is explained in the Guardians article.


Configuring Clearlogin MFA

Adding Clearlogin MFA to a Clearlogin account is extremely easy!  All you have to do is click on the Clearlogin MFA button on the New MFA Provider screen and then click on the Enable Clearlogin MFA button on the proceeding page.

As you can see below, Clearlogin MFA does not need to be and cannot be configured.

We recommend using Google Authenticator with Clearlogin MFA.

Get Google Authenticator
Get it on Google Play

Configuring DUO MFA

Go to, log in and select Applications on the sidebar. Click Protect an Application, and add then Auth API.

Note your Integration KeySecret key, and API Hostname from the details section of this page.

Enter into the Duo Clearlogin configuration page your Integration KeySecret Key, and API Hostname which you had noted earlier and click Save.

Modifying Existing MFA

You may want to edit or delete current MFA configuration.  In order to do so, simply select the MFA Provider and then on the next screen use either the Delete or Edit button.


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