Installing Clearlogin Password Manager


The Clearlogin Password Manager is a Google Chrome extension (support for other browsers is in the works) that allows you to log into apps that don't support proper SSO authentication (SAML or JWT for example).

  1. To install the Clearlogin Password Manager, either log into your Clearlogin Dashboard ( and click on the "Get the Clearlogin Password Manager extension! Click Here" message as displayed below, or go directly to the it's Chrome Web Store page:

    Either method will bring you to the following page:

  2. To install the extension, click on the blue button that says ADD TO CHROME in the top, right-hand corner as pictured above.

  3. Click Add Extension on the dialogue box that pops up.

  4. Within moments you should see the Clearlogin logo button appear in the top right-hand corner of Chrome.

  5. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the Clearlogin Password Manager extension for Google Chrome!  Clicking on the button will take you directly to your Clearlogin Dashboard and from there you will be able to automatically log into any Password Manager apps on it.
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