Getting Started with Clearlogin - Adding Apps


Apps are added to your Clearlogin account via App Connectors.  App connectors include support for SAML-based Apps, JWT-based Apps, and apps that don't support either and just have a standard username and password login page which are referred to as Password Manager Apps.

There are also "Link Apps" which are only shortcuts to websites (for apps that you don't log into).

Adding apps to your users' Clearlogin dashboard is very easy to do.  For example, if you wanted to add an app in our App Supermarket, you would do the following:

From the Admin Dashboard, click on Apps on that navigation bar, and then select New App Connection at the bottom of the following page.



You will be brought to the App Supermarket.  

Search for the app that you'd like to add to your dashboard and click on it to add it.

You will be brought to the app's initial configuration screen.  From here you can call the app what you want to and assign Access Tags to it, as well as decide whether or not for it to be immediately enabled.

Being that this is a SAML-based app and not a Link (bookmark) app, it will require more than just adding it to Clearlogin for it to be functional.

After clicking on the green "Save Amazon AWS App" button, you will be brought to the following page that will allow you configure all of the listed variables by clicking on the blue "Edit" button.

For some password apps, you will need to replace the URL assuming that the vendor uses a different URL on a per-customer basis.

This can be done on the edit page by modifying the "App" and "Login" URL's (just make both of them match the login page):

This is a basic idea of how to add apps in general, other apps such as Link and Password manager apps are far-less complicated to configure.  For more in-depth information on how to configure SAML-based apps, please see the Custom SAML App Connections article (the information inside applies to both custom SAML app connections made from scratch and ones that are already in the App Marketplace) or the G Suite Password Sync'ing article for configuring G Suite specifically.

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