Getting Started with Clearlogin - Creating Access Rules


One of your next steps will be to create Access Rules.  Access Rules at their most basic are what govern who can access what (such as which apps) from where and when.

Briefly, Access Rules are configured to apply to users via Search Filters (more on Search Filters in the Access Rules article) which are determined by your Identity Source of choice (Active Directory uses LDAP Filters, G Suite uses Google Groups, Clearlogin Directory uses Clearlogin Directory Filters, etc.

You can set times that Access Rules apply and whether or not they will be used to enforce Multifactor Authentication (MFA).  You can also determine where the access rule applies to by IP address range (referred to as CIDR).

You can begin configuring Access Rules by navigating to your Admin Dashboard and then clicking on Security and selecting Access Rules from the navigation panel.

From the Access Rules page, click on the green button that says Add New Access Rule to begin configuring your first rule.

You will be brought to the New Access Rule page where you can begin configuring WhatWhoWhenWhere, and How.

For a more in-depth look and explanation of how Access Rules work and how to configure them, please refer to the Access Rules documentation.

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    Colleen Tarrant

    I want to deny access to certain apps for certain users. I've added the specific user but I can't figure out how to choose which Apps to remove. Can I just click and add them somewhere, or do I have to find their IP addresses/CIDR?

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