Getting Started with Clearlogin


Clearlogin is a cloud platform for enterprise access and password management.  Our services make it easy for admins to keep their company secure and their end users happy.

We provide Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication with enhanced security functionality for  applications, as well as form-based authentication for applications that do not support SSO.

That said, you will definitely want to make sure that you can use Clearlogin to it's absolute fullest as an administrator.  This guide will help get you started in the right direction.

Below is a list of articles written specifically for this guide.  Please follow them in order from top to bottom as they are written to be read in such fashion.

Adding Users

Adding Apps

User Onboarding

Customizing Your Login Page

Customizing Your Dashboard

Creating Access Rules

Other Features to Get You Started

Clearlogin has many other features that are not discussed here that you may want to immediately or eventually utilize.

Some articles of note to check out:

Installing Clearlogin Password Manager - The Clearlogin password manager is a Chrome extension (IE and Firefox coming soon) that allows Clearlogin users to be automatically logged into apps that do not support SAML or JWT.

Managing Credentials in the Password Manager - Explanation for users on how to add/delete credentials in the password manager.

Adding Webhook Integrations - Want to send push notifications when a user fails a login or changes their password? Learn how to do that here.

Adding Multifactor Authentication for Users - For when you require users to be logged in with MFA.

Administrator Multifactor Authentication - For when you require your admins to log in with MFA.

LDAP Firewall Requirements - IP addresses that must be white-listed/not blocked by your firewall when using an LDAP-based IdP such as AD.

Creating an Administrator Account - So you can have more than just your initial admin account.

Creating Custom Password App Connections - Clearlogin support is more than happy to help with this, however these are instructions on how to do it yourself if you choose.

SAML App Connections Advanced - More information on how to configure SAML App connections.

Testing Access Rules - For making 100% sure that your Access Rules apply to the correct people at the correct time for the correct items.

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