Link Apps


Link Apps are the easiest apps to create because they are the equivalent of desktop shortcuts, or bookmarks that link to any website that you choose (although usually a web-based app).

They do not provide any sort of application, they only point your browser to the page in question.

You can create a Custom Link App Connection if the page that you would like to link to is not in the App Supermarket.

To create a Custom Link App Connection in Clearlogin, follow these steps:

  1. Log into and select Apps on the navigation bar.


  2. On the Manage App Connections Page, scroll down and click on New App Connection.


  3. You will be presented with the App Marketplace, under Custom Connections select Link.

  4. Just like with any other app type, you can configure the link app's name and what URL it points to, as well as upload an icon to represent it on your user dashboard.

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