User Account Recovery and Password Changing


Sometimes your users might forget their Clearlogin password, or possibly will just want to change it.  This article will explain how to set up account recovery for users (so they don't have to contact your IT department), and how they can change their password on their own assuming they know what it is.

Account Recovery Set Up

In order to set up your account for recovery when you forget your password, do the following.

  1. Log into your Clearlogin account (
  2. Click on either your e-mail address or avatar in order to bring up the sub-menu.

  3. Click on My Settings.

  4. On the proceeding page, select Account Recovery from the menu on the left.

  5. Type in your mobile phone number on the Account Recover page and then click on Validate.  This will send an SMS text message to your phone containing a confirmation code.

    Note:  Standard SMS text message fees apply as per your mobile carrier.

  6. Type the code that you just received into the Confirmation Code text box and click Submit.

  7. If successful, the next screen will look like the following.

  8. Next from the menu on the left select Security Question.

  9. On this screen make up a question that only you will have the answer to and then click on Save.

    If all goes well, the page will refresh with the following.

  10. Congratulations!  You have successfully set up Account Recovery for your Clearlogin account!

    You may recover your account at any time by performing the following steps.

  11. On your Clearlogin domain's log in screen ( click on Forgot Password.

  12. You will be prompted to type in your e-mail address and mobile number on the next screen.  Do that and then click on Reset.

  13. On the next screen type in the password reset key that you received via SMS text message and then click next.

  14. Answer your security question and type in your new password.  Click on Reset Password when you're done.

  15. If all is successful, then your password will have been changed.  Go ahead and log in with your new password!

Changing Your Password

Assuming that you already know your password and can access Clearlogin, you may change your password if you desire.

  1. Click on either your e-mail address or avatar in order to bring up the sub-menu from your dashboard and then click on My Settings.

  2. No matter which method you use, you will be brought to the following page.

    Type in your username (everything before the "@" in your e-mail address), old password, and then your new password and click on Change Password.

    Note:  Clearlogin does not enforce password strength (though this can be done through your Identity Source), however our recommended practices are listed below.

  3. If all is successful, you will be brought back to the following screen where you can log in.

    You've successfully changed your password, congratulations!
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